The tactile system includes touch and texture as well as the entire network of skin. Different sensory tools, such as, weighted products, compression clothing, or even swings may help with development. Textures play activities may include kinetic sand, modelling dough, squishy toys, crafts and finger paints.

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  • Crafts & Putties

    Tactile crafts & putties are fun & educational especially for those of special needs who crave more hands on activities & exploration. Also good for boosting creativity, cooperation, imagination & sensory stimulation.

  • Fidgets & Squeezables

    For Special needs children or those of sensory needs, squeezable & certain fidget toys are instrumental to calming, relieving anxiety, & to better aid learning. We provide detailed information & videos where possible, to help you the parent or educator to make an informed decision as to which fidgets or squeezable toy best meet your individual needs. 

  • For Baby (0-3)

    These tactile Baby & Toddler toys stimulate minds & allow your child to learn without even realizing it. We introduce everything from plush & shape sorters to products with colours, counting & motor skills in mind. Tactile experiences stimulate all children but especially those of special needs.

  • Active Kids

    Some great ideas to help keep your kids active whether in or outdoors. Exercise in young children today has never been more important. Let your kids burn off excess energy & keep in shape in the most fun ways possible. These games & Toys promote motion, communication, cooperation & sensory stimulation.

  • Touch & Feel

    Browse our touch & fell category for stimulating sensory tactile & motor skill development toys & games. Whether playing in or outdoors or even bath time these products help promote dexterity, hand/eye coordination & a keen sense of self awareness.

  • Puzzles

    Tactile puzzles can help with brain development, motor skills & reflexes. They can also be social when we play with our friends or family, & teach us how to cooperate & take turns. Especially useful for special needs children in stimulating their senses. 

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Showing 1 - 9 of 140 items



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