Our first trip to the dentist with our child with Autism

Many of you who have a child with autism or other special needs already realize that new places and even transitions from one activity to another can be very challenging. One of those great challenges is getting them to visit the doctor or dentist, especially for the first time. Truthfully, the first time for anything has been a challenge. Read more...

How was your day, son? Dealing with your minimally Verbal Child

For the parents of a minimally verbal or non-verbal child it’s hard to know exactly what happened that day. I can tell if my son is happy, tired or anxious but it’s difficult to know how he got that way without his teacher’s insights. Read more...

The anxiety that parents with a child with Autism have in just leaving the house.

When your child is a flight risk for example, how the park is structured is far more important than its distance from the house. Parks that are enclosed by fences from the road are preferable. Parks that are on a side street as opposed to a busy main street is also a factor. Read more...

Early ASD Intervention is better than living in denial

Like all parents we want what is best for our child, no surprise there right? However, in some cases what’s best may not be as black and white as we would like. For parent’s, especially new parents to admit that their child may be “different” or not “typical” in comparison to their friends’ or neighbours’ children can be very freighting. Read more...

The Storm before the Calm, Our experience’ with starting an IBI program

Like most parents of an ASD child we were relieved and thankful when we were able to get our Autistic five year old child enrolled in an IBI (Intensive Behavioural Intervention) program. We were told right away that we would notice immediate changes, and yes, as it turned out they were right. Read more...




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