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For teachers or parents in Schools and Nurseries. Come browse our classroom products, games & activities collection that will stimulate young students senses. Enjoy our category of quality handpicked items especially for the classroom learning and sensory gym fitness.

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  • Teachers / Parents

    This category provides diverse products for teachers in the classroom or for parents to use for schooling help at home.  Many of these items enable especially aid sensory or special needs children to learn more efficiently. But all children can benefit from products in this category.

  • Gym / Fitness

    In today's world of screens & electronic gadgets, the importance of physical activity for children can not be overstated. Here you will find games & products that promote activity, fun, & the building of cooperation & social skills with children, some with different abilities.  

  • Sensory Students

    From fidget toys & bouncy bands, to hearing enhancers & weighted vests, products in this category are designed for sensory students & those of special needs in mind. Although keep in mind that all children can benefit from increased relaxation & comfort in the class environment.

  • Fidgets / Chewables

    For Special needs children or those of sensory needs, chewables & certain fidget toys are instrumental to calming, relieving anxiety, & to better aid learning, in & outside the classroom. We provide detailed information & videos where possible, to help you the parent or educator to make an informed decision as to which fidgets or chewables best meet your individual needs. 

  • Educational Games

    This category includes the best STEM learning games on the market. We also provide many multilingual options for those that wish to increase their children's exposure to French or other languages. Many games are versatile enough that younger kids can play older kids head-to-head with an easier version of the same game. The world of board games is a wonderful way to make learning fun.

  • Writing / Painting

    Writing, painting & drawing activities help children to be creative & use their imagination. It aids in developing fine motor skills, poise & their own individuality. Our line of quality gluten & nut free paints or special needs designed pencils & pens are just the tip of the iceberg. Come take a look!

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Showing 1 - 9 of 201 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 201 items

Classroom / Gym


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