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Baby & Toddler toys stimulate minds & allow your child to learn without even realizing it. Our push/pull toys will amuse & delight any baby. While stacking cups, shape sorting & musical toys will introduce colours, counting & fine motor skills. Our sensory rattles, blankets & chewables will help baby drift off to sleep.

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  • Chewables

    Providing oral exercisers for practicing biting & chewing skills. Also Has the right amount of sensory input for teething & leaves the mouth open for breathing & sound play.

  • Plush / Rattle

    This category includes some high quality plush toys, blankets & soft / hard rattles. We also supply other sleeping & play aids for baby's development to toddler.

  • Potty Training

    We can help provide some support in the potty training battle. Some times special needs children need some special help. Items include videos,  books & useful ideas. 

  • Blocks / Puzzles

    Learning is done a great deal through play. Tactile, visual & oral stimulation are essential in the first few months & years. Sensory puzzles & blocks provide this in spades. Come browse through our diverse line of puzzles & blocks for babies & toddlers.

  • Push / Pull Toys

    Push & Pull toys are wonderful for developing baby's gross motor skills, balance, coordination & even imagination. They also stimulate the visual & auditory senses.

  • Eat / Drink Aids

    Enjoy our assembly of Thermal Stainless Steel drinking cups. Peristaltic nipples turn your cups into a Baby Bottle as well. Other available  bottles & valves are good for low suction sippers from baby to adults.

  • Healthy Living

    See our selection of oils, balms, shampoos, creams & washes. All designed with your baby's sensitive skin in mind. All natural ingredients & Gluten Free products & never tested on animals.

  • Sensory

    Just a few cool items for tactile & motor skill development playing in or outdoors or even bath time. Also helps Promotes dexterity & hand/eye coordination.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 98 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 98 items

Baby (0-3)


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