The Storm before the Calm, Our experience’ with starting an IBI program

The Storm before the Calm, Our experience’ with starting an IBI program

Like most parents of an ASD child we were relieved and thankful when we were able to get our Autistic five year old child enrolled in an IBI (Intensive Behavioural Intervention) program. We were told right away that we would notice immediate changes, and yes, as it turned out they were right. Unfortunately, these changes were not for the better, our son seemed to us to become more rebellious and boisterous at home or out. We spoke to our IBI therapist about what we were experiencing and were comforted to find out this was quite expected and a necessary stage in order to get real progress later. It seems quite obvious to us now but our son was rebelling at home because his behavior was being restricted at his IBI sessions. He of course wanted to demonstrate his will at home where Mom & Dad would be more of a soft touch.

We were very lucky in the fact that we were able to have a meeting between ourselves, the IBI services, and our son’s EA (educational assistant) at his school, to get us all on the same page as to what each of us needed to do with him to get the right outcomes and expected level of behaviour established. I hasten to add that this is not a quick fix & that weeks later the rebellious nature is still there but somewhat less frequent and less severe than previously. We can only wait & see what progress can be made in the weeks and months ahead. We’ll let you know.

Malcolm Willins

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